Buy Primabolan 100 LA Pharma | Primobolan 100mg x 10ml vial sale and review

Buy Primabolan 100 LA Pharma | Primobolan 100mg x 10ml vial sale and review
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What is injectable PRIMOBOLAN FOR SALE good for?

Official name: PRIMABOLAN (Methenolone Enanthate 100mg * 10ml) from manufacturer LA PHARMA S.R.L.

Original injectable Primobolan is fantastic cutting steroid for sale very famous among professional bodybuilders and those which doing the similar sports. It is one of the most famous fat burner ever produced on market , generally. It is also very popular because of its ability to act as a immune enhancing pharmaceutical

In professional bodybuilding, it is generally used between two cycles during rest time in order to keep quality muscle mass and well improved strength.

What is the safest Primobolan to use?

Primabolan is very safe steroid for using and dosage because it isn't very effective and strong anabolic steroids as like as most others. It is more maintenance supplement than big resulting one. It is very good at prepairing for competitions and after ones because while your body resting, quality Primobolan is here to keep your results permanent.

What are the side effects of real Primobolan?

This fantastic cutting supplement is one of the safest anabolic steroids on market ever produced! Primobolan almost doesn't have any side effects at all! However, there can appear some bad side effects which are very rare for this anabolic, and most usual of them are losing hair on the head and enlarging of the prostate among men. Those symptoms can appear if you cycle Primobolan with some more androgenic supplements for bodybuilding.

Which is the best dosage for professional bodybuilders?

Injectable Primobolan is still very safe and simple for consumption because it is really hard to make a mistake with it. Recommended dosage of quality La Pharmas Primobolan for beginners is around 400mg per week. If your body is accustomed to supplements for bulking and cutting, feel free to consume 400 - 700mg per week. In general, dosage of Primobolan separately and during cycle shouldn't exceed 1000mg weekly.

Among women, acceptable and useful dosage of Primobolan is 50 - 100mg without worries about side effects and similar symptoms.

Reviews from La Pharmas loyal customers

Primobolan is very usually ordered injectable steroid for sale produced by La Pharma S.R.L. in our online steroid shop. We are offering and oral version of this quality steroid at very good and affordable price so check it out!


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