Propionate LA Pharma | Testosterone Propionate 100mg x 10 ml vial sale

Propionate LA Pharma | Testosterone Propionate 100mg x 10 ml vial sale
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TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE FOR SALE - the fastest acting Testosterone on market!

Official name: PROPIONATE (Testosterone Propionate 100mg * 10ml) from manufacturer LA PHARMA S.R.L.

Testosterones are the most wanted substances in professional bodybuilding because of their enormous quality and extraordinary efficient. It is ester that brings results in very short period when it comes to the blood cells. Most usually, it is metabolized over three days which is awesome for preparing for competition.

This Propionate has very strong androgenic effects and anabolic ones which are something less effective, and that is why this Testosterone Propionate is such quality bulking steroid for sale - it is great for producing masculinization and it is suitable for androgenic replacement therapy

How long does Testosterone Propionate take to kick in?

It is very fast effective AAS steroid. Because of that, consumer is allowed to run short Testosterone Propionate in mass gain steroid cycles for sale of eight to ten weeks as basic peak blood plasma levels are achieved at around two to four weeks.

Propionate is very safe injectable steroid for consumption, but it still has some unwanted side effects which appears during consumption of this strong supplement.

Before and after effects of real Testosterone Propionate from La Pharma S.R.L.

Considering Propionates fantastic results and simple consumption irrelevant that it is injectable steroid, it is very safe Testosterone for professionals and beginners as well. Still, it has some bad side effects as like as appearing of acne, hair growth, mood swings, headache, gynecomastia and the like.

There are professional supplements for treatment those side effects, and genuine PCT steroid that suits this La Pharmas Propionate is definitely Nolvadex (Tamoxifen substance) for sale.

What is the best dosage of Propionate in steroid cycles?

No matter Propionate is injectable steroid, it is still very safe and simple for dosing and consumption. It is good for beginners and professional bodybuilders as well. Recommended beginners dosage would be around 300 - 500mg weekly. It is also very usual in steroid cycles for sale where ideal dosage would be 75 - 125mg per day.

When you had gained the experience, admissible dosage for professional would be 500 - 700mg weekly.

Reviews from La Pharmas loyal customers

This Propionate is the most wanted and best known injectable Testosterone for sale intended for professional bodybuilding on market! That is why we put some enormous discounts on our 100% original La Pharmas Testosterones! Check them out and make a order because shopping has never been more payable!


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