Buy Deca-Nan 250 LA Pharma | Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg x 10ml vial

Buy Deca-Nan 250 LA Pharma | Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg x 10ml vial
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What is DECA NAN (DECAN DURABOLIN from LA PHARMA) used for in professional bodybuilding? 

Official name: DECA NAN (Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg * 10ml) from manufacturer LA PHARMA S.R.L.

Injectable steroids are more and more wanted and accepted in professional bodybuilding because manufacturers like La Pharma have bring producing liquid anabolics to perfect. Most famous injectable steroid on market is bulking substance named Deca Durabolin for sale

It is anabolic and androgenic steroid made of ester named 'Decanoate' and famous substance 'Nandrolone' firstly intended in medicine with purpose to prevent bone loss in osteoporosis. In professional bodybuilding and similar sports, Deca is used as quality bulking steroid for increasing muscle mass, endurance and body strength.

Deca for beginners - pros and cons

Usually, anabolic steroids that are mentioned and prepared for beginners in bodybuilding are in oral form. Deca, irrelevant that it is liquid steroids, it is very safe for consumption and dosage for professionals and beginers, both. That is why because it is very simple supplement for consumption and Deca can't make you the damage, very rare.

Despite, Deca Nan has some bad side effects as like as all anabolic substances have with its performances.

How to treat real side effects of Deca Durabolin?

Side effects which appear during consumption of this awesome steroid aren't something that need to be worried about if you are doing everything as in description and if you keep the plan. Most usual side effects of Deca are acne, trouble with sleeping, nausea, diarrhea, hirsutism, chills, impaired liver function and the like. All of them are treatable with proper PCT supplements. Most useful treatment steroid which should be combined with Deca is Nolvadex for sale also known by name Tamoxifen.

How much Deca Nan should I take?

There is great formula when we are talking about consumption of this injectable bulking steroid. Ideal dosage for normal person would be 250 - 500mg of Deca per week. It can be and precisely calculated: take 2mg of substance per pound of lean body weight of yours (if you are 150lbs adn your body fat is 15%, your leans body mass is 128lbs). In this example, ideal dose for person that weights 150lbs would be 255mg per week. Usually, Deca requires around six to eight weeks to bring fantastic and results in their best.

Reviews from La Pharmas loyal customers

Deca Nan is declared as best injectable steroid for sale of the decade which means that nobody can reach La Pharma and their highest quality anabolic steroids for professional bodybuilding! We're here to promote and to offer best prices for 100% original and genuine La Pharma anabolics because there is only one specialized and authentic supplier on market! Your pleasure is at our first place!


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